So far, Bernd Ziegler has never talked about the dead. While fishing on the North Sea, he tells us how his childhood dream of becoming a train driver actually came true – and how he killed six people during his career. Six people who jumped in front of his train and made him their enforcer.


Ziegler describes how he used to go surfcasting after the incidents, how the fishing and the sea calmed him, made him forget what had happened. Back then there was no psychotherapeutic care for train drivers and the subject of suicide was taboo among colleagues.


“A shocking and hard-hitting short film, one of those that continue to affect you long after you have seen it.” (Animatión para Adultos, translated from spanish)

“Wittmoser and Kim have made an impressive short film that resonates for a long time with its very own ideas about a neglected topic.” (Excerpt jury text FBW)


Rating Especially Valuable – German Film and Media Rating FBW



Script, Directors –  Christian Wittmoser, Zuniel Kim

Production – Raumkapsel Animation

Dramaturgical Consulting – Martin Schmidt, Dennis Stein-Schomburg

Voice Actor – Christoph Steinau

Animatic – Florian Maubach

Animation – Elisabeth Zwimpfer

Compositing – Dennis Stein-Schomburg

Digital Retouching – Johanna Failer, Oleksandra Krasavtzeva

Sound Design – Christian Wittmoser